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Nuts and apples from Italy are the bestsellers from our extensive range. These include hazelnuts from Piedmont and Rome, Sicilian pistachios, fine pine nuts and fruity apple products. Convince yourself of the top quality of our products.

high-quality nuts from Italy

Our range includes some of the best nuts from Italy: hazelnuts from Rome and Piedmont, pistachios from Sicily and pine nuts from the Vesuvius region. Each nut is a testament to Italy’s rich agricultural tradition and promises a unique taste experience.

Hazelnuts from Piedmont and Rome

The Piedmont hazelnuts “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe” are the queens of hazelnuts. They grow in the heart of Piedmont on a unique soil that is also known for its exquisite wines and white truffles. These hazelnuts are easy to peel and have a balanced, soft taste. Freshly roasted, they offer an incomparable taste experience.

The “Round Romans” hazelnuts come from the region around Rome and are characterized by their crunchiness and high vitamin E content. They are the perfect snack between meals and are brought to market freshly harvested from mid-September.

Pistachios from Sicily

Sicilian pistachios grow on the slopes of Mount Etna and benefit from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Their long ripening period on the bush gives them an intense aroma that is appreciated by gourmet chefs and gourmets.

Pine nuts from the Vesuvius region

Our pine nuts are harvested at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and are known for their resin-like taste. Freshly roasted, they are a wonderful addition to salads or an enjoyable snack.

from the orchard of italy

Italy is known for its Mediterranean climate and rich soils, which provide the ideal conditions for apples to ripen and develop their natural sweetness. All our apple products are characterized by the highest quality and an intense taste.

Apple products from Italy

Our range includes a wide selection of first-class apple products from Italy. Dried apples in various shapes and with different moisture levels are not only a healthy snack option, but also a versatile ingredient for many products. The choice of products with or without peel offers additional flexibility. In our database you will also find apple seed and strawberry powder and much more.