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No matter for what purpose, MDM is constantly looking for and evaluating new products and thus has acomprehensive range of commodities, specialities and rarities in conventional, organic and faitrade quality.

The product palette extends from A for Amaretti to Z for Zitronat and is constantly extending and adapting to thewishes of customers.

From the whole nut (blanched, chopped, roasted) up to the flour, practically every variety of nut is available from MDM Dreyer. The availability of products is dependent on the harvest yield and the time of year. The product range is the same also for apple products, other dried fruits, half-processed and refined products.

Please note our minimum order quantity of 1 pallet (approx. 500-800 kg) depending on the product.

From the whole nut
(blanched, chopped, roasted) up to the flour

MDM Dreyer is a certified Bio Suisse company. Our products are in compliance with the organic quality requirements of the bud-labels.

The continued absence of synthetic chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers in production is of the utmost importance for the bio-production partners working with MDM.

Are you about to develop a new product? We would be pleased to help you with this.

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