MDM Dreyer provides you access to a worldwide network of producers. In future you will maintain only one instead of several supplier contacts.

In addition we handle all administration tasks like: translations into the respective national language, we conduct analysis, we ensure that all the necessary certificates are present and we simplify the import procedures. This means for you more time for your core business.

We deliberately work without bearings. When transporting goods we pay attention to the ecological footprint, but still guarantee that the products are delivered to you on time.

While MDM Dreyer works as a trader within the EU, the palette of services
provided in Switzerland comprises of the following services:

- Market research for suppliers wishing to enter the German speaking regions
- Sourcing of clearly specified and specialized goods
- Easier supplier management (only one vendor for multiple origins)
- Scheduling and delivery for annual frame agreements
- Complete supply chain, from factory ramp to production facility