As organic and Fairtrade specialists, we have been living the philosophy of sustainability for decades. With systematic sustainability management and a clear strategy, we focus on corporate governance, sustainable procurement, product range and climate.

Hazelnuts, shelled

Decades of experience

Our roots in sustainability go back to the early 1990s. Since then, we have been supporting and promoting organic projects worldwide and building on long-standing partnerships.

Systematic sustainability management

Our strategy is divided into four main areas: Corporate governance, sustainable procurement, product range & marketing and climate protection. Sustainable raw material procurement in particular is at the heart of our activities.

Bio-Suisse certification

As a certified Bio-Suisse company, our products meet the high quality requirements of the “Knospe” label.

Eco-friendly production

Our production partners consistently refrain from using synthetic chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers, which further underlines the quality of our products.

Sustainability anchored in strategy

Our commitment to a sustainable future is deeply rooted in our corporate strategy. From sustainable procurement and regional cultivation projects to partnerships with like-minded organizations – we implement practical measures.

Sustainable procurement

Raw materials are selected according to strict sustainability criteria. We are committed to a transparent and fair supply chain.

Code of conduct for suppliers and logistics partners

We ensure that our partners share our values and work according to the same ethical and ecological standards.

Code of conduct for employees

Our Code sets out the principles that guide the actions of our employees and thus promotes a culture of responsibility.