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Dried fruits, semi-finished and finished products for the food processing industry

One of the largest food import companies in Switzerland

Mirjam Oesterle-Dreyer

Owner & CEO


MDM supports not only in choosing the right products but also in developing new specialities.

“Real quality at fair prices is back in demand, not questionable goods with expensive labels. Due to our small company structure we are flexible and fast. Our credo is still to be as close to the action as possible.”

Mirjam Oesterle-Dreyer is fascinated by the liveliness of the food industry. "It's not about selling mass-produced goods, but about passing on this passion, this passion; infecting others with this virus."

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How many tonnes of hazelnuts were harvested in Italy in the 2019 harvest year?

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    Through MDM Dreyer you have access to a worldwide network of producers.

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      Please note our minimum order quantity of 1 pallet (approx. 500-800 kg) depending on the product.